Concerned about oil spill – what can you do?

What can a concerned citizen do about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?  Besides freak out, that is.

Oilslick in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil swirls through the Gulf of Mexico. Photo from

I was pondering that when I got an email today from the nonprofit corp. Ocean Research and Conservation Foundation (ORCA) based in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

They have some ideas about modernizing disaster response.  Quoting from the email…
“As we watch in horror and frustration as the worst oil spill in American history continues unchecked in the Gulf of Mexico, we at ORCA are more determined than ever to improve the way we respond to these disasters. One frustration is the lack of knowledge concerning where the oil is, where it is heading, and how close it is to impacting coastal estuaries and near shore environments with ecologically important ecosystems. Another hindrance is the mind-boggling number of toxicity tests that must be run so that the true impact of the spill can be documented and appropriate mitigation protocols applied. Toxicology labs are already overwhelmed with samples and the backlog is growing.”

Click the photo to go to their article and see their suggested call to action.

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