Modus Operandi speakers at SemTech 2010

We’ll have two speakers at the Semantic Technology conference in San Francisco June 21-25.

We are speaking at SemTech 2010 announcement

Modus Operandi will have two speakers at SemTech 2010 conference.

On Tuesday at 5:00 pm, Mark Wallace will teach “Rapid Prototyping with the Jena Command Line Utilities”.  Mark’s session is part of the Ontology Design and Engineering track for a technical – advanced audience.  On Friday at 8:30 am, Dr. Kent Bimson will present “Case Study Year 5: USAF 45th Space Wing Knowledge Management Initiative – Representing Semantic Points-of-View Using SITREP and Mission Ontologies”.  Kent’s session is part of the Semantics for Enterprise Data track, for a technical – intermediate audience.

picture of Kent Bimson

Kent Bimson VP Research

Mark Wallace Pr. Eng. Semantic Applications


One Response to “Modus Operandi speakers at SemTech 2010”

  1. Mark Wallace Says:

    hey, I know those guys. Just finished my slides today, I think. They are due in Friday May 28. I wonder how Kent’s are coming along.

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