Jury duty – serve with pride and be thankful that we have juries

I was called for jury duty yesterday.  Guess how many US citizens around me were radiating that Why am I here? grumpitude.

USPS Jury Duty Serve with Pride stamp

Got this pic from the usps.com site

We are so blessed, here in the good ol’ U S of A, and yet we take our freedoms for granted.  Thank goodness I had my attitude adjusted listening to Tom Howes last week.   Was more than halfway through his book and had brought it with me to see me through the expected long waiting periods.

Okay, I confess I was a little anxious about serving on a jury.  Dumb stuff like, what if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the trial?  What if I can ‘t hear?  What if my attention lapses due to boredom?  Will I be able to take notes?  Can’t answer those questions, readers, because my group of 50 jurors was let go in the afternoon.   Didn’t realize this before, but apparently the looming presence of a jury pool out the the hall is enough to move the docket along expeditiously and pleas are taken.  Folks at the courthouse were all helpful, professional, cheerful and took the time to thank those of us who only “sat and waited” for serving.


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