A wiki story + Who thinks km is sexy?

Excerpts from the recent GCN article How knowledge management became sexy again.

MilSuite runs on open source.  “Take MilSuite, the military’s knowledge management suite, which includes Milblog, MilWiki, and a Facebook-type application called MilBook, which sits securely behind an enterprise firewall.  MilSuite is […] available to users of AKO/DKO.”

AKO logo

“MilSuite is based on open-source software. The wiki runs on the same type of software that supports Wikipedia; the blog runs on WordPress, an open-source content management system; and MilBook is powered by Jive Clearspace, now called Jive Social Business Software, open technology that requires software licenses to run, Filler said.”

A wiki story.  “The Training and Doctrine Command is running a pilot project through MilSuite to update the Army field manual, known as the Tactic Technique and Procedure manual, Filler said. The process traditionally can take as long as two years because the manual has to go through a rigorous cycle.  For the next version of the manual, the command is putting it on the wiki so updates can be made more quickly. For example, if the manual needs to have instructions about how to change a tire on a Humvee, a solider in Iraq could add details about changing a tire in the desert to specify that a board must be placed underneath the truck to prevent it from sinking in the sand.”

Number of Users.  “MilSuite has about 63,879 users”.

Aromatherapy Needed.  Make mine lemon.  “The environment has the “look and smell of a portal…”  It’s those portlets that do it.  Gotta empty ’em out. [Apologies for the bad pun.]

TMI.  Got search? “Agencies are informally collecting a large volume of unstructured data — defined as data that is not in formal databases — every day to manage processes.“Search capability is going to be a key technology to enhance our ability to move into knowledge management much more effectively,” McClure said.”


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