Yes this blogger can be bribed with chocolate

Ghirardelli dark chocolate bar

Just for reference, dark chocolate in the 60-75% range is my favorite

The one-eared product manager is taking bribes not to post photos from our Beach ‘Limpics event on Saturday.  Fun organized by Play with a Purpose.

Dark chocolate always makes a good bribe, as do gift certificates, and colorful art supplies.


Concerned about oil spill – what can you do?

What can a concerned citizen do about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?  Besides freak out, that is.

Oilslick in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil swirls through the Gulf of Mexico. Photo from

I was pondering that when I got an email today from the nonprofit corp. Ocean Research and Conservation Foundation (ORCA) based in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

They have some ideas about modernizing disaster response.  Quoting from the email…
“As we watch in horror and frustration as the worst oil spill in American history continues unchecked in the Gulf of Mexico, we at ORCA are more determined than ever to improve the way we respond to these disasters. One frustration is the lack of knowledge concerning where the oil is, where it is heading, and how close it is to impacting coastal estuaries and near shore environments with ecologically important ecosystems. Another hindrance is the mind-boggling number of toxicity tests that must be run so that the true impact of the spill can be documented and appropriate mitigation protocols applied. Toxicology labs are already overwhelmed with samples and the backlog is growing.”

Click the photo to go to their article and see their suggested call to action.

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Modus Operandi speakers at SemTech 2010

We’ll have two speakers at the Semantic Technology conference in San Francisco June 21-25.

We are speaking at SemTech 2010 announcement

Modus Operandi will have two speakers at SemTech 2010 conference.

On Tuesday at 5:00 pm, Mark Wallace will teach “Rapid Prototyping with the Jena Command Line Utilities”.  Mark’s session is part of the Ontology Design and Engineering track for a technical – advanced audience.  On Friday at 8:30 am, Dr. Kent Bimson will present “Case Study Year 5: USAF 45th Space Wing Knowledge Management Initiative – Representing Semantic Points-of-View Using SITREP and Mission Ontologies”.  Kent’s session is part of the Semantics for Enterprise Data track, for a technical – intermediate audience.

picture of Kent Bimson

Kent Bimson VP Research

Mark Wallace Pr. Eng. Semantic Applications

Art from the Antipodes or thereabouts

Original design by Mundara Koorang.

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Pro PPT or not? Check out this ‘toon

While surfing for military cartoons I found this cartoon from Delta Bravo Sierra.

Delta Bravo Sierra cartoon

A cartoon from Delta Bravo Sierra

Coming soon…a ‘toon roll.

A wiki story + Who thinks km is sexy?

Excerpts from the recent GCN article How knowledge management became sexy again.

MilSuite runs on open source.  “Take MilSuite, the military’s knowledge management suite, which includes Milblog, MilWiki, and a Facebook-type application called MilBook, which sits securely behind an enterprise firewall.  MilSuite is […] available to users of AKO/DKO.”

AKO logo

“MilSuite is based on open-source software. The wiki runs on the same type of software that supports Wikipedia; the blog runs on WordPress, an open-source content management system; and MilBook is powered by Jive Clearspace, now called Jive Social Business Software, open technology that requires software licenses to run, Filler said.”

A wiki story.  “The Training and Doctrine Command is running a pilot project through MilSuite to update the Army field manual, known as the Tactic Technique and Procedure manual, Filler said. The process traditionally can take as long as two years because the manual has to go through a rigorous cycle.  For the next version of the manual, the command is putting it on the wiki so updates can be made more quickly. For example, if the manual needs to have instructions about how to change a tire on a Humvee, a solider in Iraq could add details about changing a tire in the desert to specify that a board must be placed underneath the truck to prevent it from sinking in the sand.”

Number of Users.  “MilSuite has about 63,879 users”.

Aromatherapy Needed.  Make mine lemon.  “The environment has the “look and smell of a portal…”  It’s those portlets that do it.  Gotta empty ’em out. [Apologies for the bad pun.]

TMI.  Got search? “Agencies are informally collecting a large volume of unstructured data — defined as data that is not in formal databases — every day to manage processes.“Search capability is going to be a key technology to enhance our ability to move into knowledge management much more effectively,” McClure said.”

Jury duty – serve with pride and be thankful that we have juries

I was called for jury duty yesterday.  Guess how many US citizens around me were radiating that Why am I here? grumpitude.

USPS Jury Duty Serve with Pride stamp

Got this pic from the site

We are so blessed, here in the good ol’ U S of A, and yet we take our freedoms for granted.  Thank goodness I had my attitude adjusted listening to Tom Howes last week.   Was more than halfway through his book and had brought it with me to see me through the expected long waiting periods.

Okay, I confess I was a little anxious about serving on a jury.  Dumb stuff like, what if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the trial?  What if I can ‘t hear?  What if my attention lapses due to boredom?  Will I be able to take notes?  Can’t answer those questions, readers, because my group of 50 jurors was let go in the afternoon.   Didn’t realize this before, but apparently the looming presence of a jury pool out the the hall is enough to move the docket along expeditiously and pleas are taken.  Folks at the courthouse were all helpful, professional, cheerful and took the time to thank those of us who only “sat and waited” for serving.