How to Vote

Comment here.   Tell me which of the 3 Candidates you like best, and sum it up with one adjective if you can. Tell me who you are, what you do, and what the poster means to you.  Which would you rather have, a t-shirt, a mug or commuter cup, or a mini-poster?


5 Responses to “How to Vote”

  1. 1earedprodmgr Says:

    I hear you, voters! I like them all.

    6 Postcard votes from yesterday’s Wave Customer-Partner Conference. I will omit the names but include their answers to the ‘what it means to me’ question. They can take credit later if they’d like to.

    4 votes for the We can’t win the war from a word processor poster.
    a. Systems engineer: “The war on terror and enemy complexity requires more sophisticated tools than the usual.”
    b. Systems integrator: “You need to have more than a machine to get the job done; it takes more than one person/machine to win.”
    c. Software developer: “Knowledge is important–so important that it can’t be held captive in narratives.”
    d. Biz dev person1: “We can not afford to make mistakes.”

    1 vote for the Free text isn’t free is it? poster.
    e. Biz dev person2: “Extracting meaning from ambiguous input.”

    1 anonymous abstention:
    f. “Do not understand what you are trying to communicate”.

    4 votes for t-shirt, 1 for commuter mug.

  2. Stephie Smith Says:

    I like the first one because it is CLEAN and the COLOR grabbed me immediately. What’s interesting is that I didn’t even know which poster Paul was talking about. I never noticed the words about the brain and brain on semantics because they didn’t grab my attention. I just flicked a glance at the pics and went back to the first poster.

    • 1earedprodmgr Says:

      I hear you, Stephie. Thanks! It was meant to be a sort of warning / school bus yellow color.
      I might oughta have a separate post for each poster – would that help?

  3. Paul Agosta Says:

    Paul Agosta

    Hands down the “this is your brain on semantics” poster is the best. I dont really know if you can sum it up in one adjective. While I think everyone understands to concept of semantics, understanding it in detail, how it works and how users can benfit from it is more than I think we are capable of grasping. It is captured in the explosion if you will of the mind in the picture. The picture also doubles as showing semanatic linking.

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