Marina stars in new training video!

We just had the premiere of our first Take Five Training video, with popcorn.

Adoring Fan:  “Will you autograph the DVD?”

Marina:  “I don’t think so.”

Reporter:  “Will you be starring in any more videos?”

Marina:  “I don’t know, send the script to my agent.”

Here’s a bit of the intro:


Yo, what’s an entity? Google acquires Metaweb

Entities smarter than words

"Entities are smarter than words," says Metaweb on their YouTube video.

Semantic web takes another step forward.  This Metaweb video has a good explanation in layman’s terms about what an entity is.  Uses the barcode analogy for unique IDs.

Also, check out this opinion from a Microsofter with ties to the IC, Lewis Shepherd.  He calls it the “semantic war”… a “global web-scale war now gearing up between major computing powers Google and Microsoft, in a race for performance and innovation in semantically-enabled decision support.”  Whoa.

Got the GPS coordinates for Namby Pamby Land?

Does a former drill sergeant make a good therapist?

Does a former drill sergeant make a good therapist? Check out this YouTube video.

Pardon this commercial, but it’s funny.  Thanks to Delta Bravo Sierra for the pointer.


Alient plant on a tree.  What is it?

Alien plant life. What is it?

This so-called plant is clearly not of this world.  It only blooms in the month of June.  Soon the pods will hatch and…uh oh…maybe they already have. Deja vu  Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Keep an eye out for the Pod People, people.

How did it get here, you ask?  Well, spores get embedded in space shuttle tiles. The searing heat of re-entry activates them.  When the shuttle returns to Cape Canaveral, they fall off, take root in the humid subtropical jungle called “Merritt Island”.  The salty ground water is lifeblood to them.  Their spines keep the wildlife away.  Then–when you are asleep–they…well you know the story.

Alien plant on a sabal palm

Alien plant strangles the state tree

Alien plan blooms

Alien plan blooms

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Taming the Li-Ion

Lion cub bites tail

Lion cub chomps on somebody else's tail. From BBC's Big Cat Diary

Trying to make peace with my cell phone battery.  This article about Li-Ion batteries helps.  Did you know they like frequent partial charges?  Cats gnawing on charger cables, not so much.

Text analytics for intelligence analysts

SIGNAL magazine June 2010

SIGNAL magazine June 2010

Tod Hagan, Modus Operandi Director ISR Software Solutions

Modus Operandi’s Tod Hagan is quoted in the article Googlizing Intelligence in AFCEA‘s June 2010 SIGNAL Magazine.  In the article, Tod talks about how our natural language processing software improves precision and recall for an Air Force system that gives analysts the capability to search and filter HUMINT intelligence reports.

When I asked him about the project, he said, “We’re glad to have an opportunity to deliver something of immediate value to the warfighter.   We’re proud of all who serve and have served our country.”

What whitepaper would you like to read?